Why me?

A history that changes futures

My working life has always involved working closely with people and for over 35 years, while still leading high growth businesses, I have run behaviour programmes and been involved with many other methods of working with and analysing personality and behaviour and how it affects performance. Having enjoyed significant business success and created significant personal wealth I believe that if we “First build the people the people will build the business”

So what do i do?...

"I inspire transformation" 

a brief history

  • 35 years in healthcare Services. Pharma, Med devices, Med Tech and the Care sector
  • 8 years actively Coaching and Mentoring, from 1 man to 400 strong businesses
  • Key player in building the world’s biggest Pharma services business Innovex/Quintiles, driving consistent growth from 30- 60% per an
  • Chaired 6 businesses and been on 11 Boards from £300m to start up
  • Raised funds and driven successful exits
  • Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and student of Neuroscience
  • Qualified as a Coach with Shirlaws the leading Global Coaching business
  • Running and developing behaviour programmes for over 35 years
  • Currently own and run a Care business
  • Coach a wide range of clients in multiple sectors
  • Understand the numbers, believe its strategy and people that make it all work

a LESS brief history

During 35 years in Healthcare Services, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Medical Devices and Medical Technologies I had the privilege of working with and learning from some exceptional people. I benefitted from excellent personal development programmes and took great pride in helping to set up and build one of the Industries biggest Global Service companies. I grew to run and Chair a number of successful companies and in doing so while I respect and insist on the essentials of managing the numbers at the end of the day it has always been the excellence of the teams from top to bottom that generated the best places to work and the greatest value.

I stay current through having my own Care business and WoM Marketing business and now coach clients in a number of different sectors. I decided to learn more about behaviour and completed my Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma working with some of the UK’s leading Hypnotherapists at the Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy learning about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a range of Cognitive therapies and intensive study into Hypnosis. All of which supplemented my earlier expertise.

I then joined Shirlaws, the World’s biggest Business Coaching group where over a 2 year period and in excess of 60 training days (at my age!) I learned a new set of Coaching skills, became familiar with an excellent set of business growth and value creation frameworks and spent 6 days training with the author and leader of the Think Feel Know process which moves beyond the classical observation led teachings on Personality and behaviour to the lessons we are learning from Neuroscience on how the brain works in various situations.

I have always been an achiever, driven by results, striving for success and having fun. Some call me a motivator and energiser. I believe we can all do so much more than we think we can once we overcome our self-limiting beliefs and recognise who we are and what are our strengths and limitations. Ask about the British disease.

A history to change futures

I am often (sometimes silently) challenged on my knowledge level and experience, which led me to revisit my past roles and the outstanding people I have had the privilege to work with, I tend to take this for granted, however on reflection how lucky was I to sit at the table with such leaders and achievers.

Each one introduced different skills, challenges and learning’s, the value of which was remarkable and why I believe as a Non Exec Director, Coach or Mentor I have unique experience to share, here’s a few of those experiences, which take me (and you) beyond book learning. A client told me this is what sets me apart.

  • As the youngest sales manager in Pharma I worked closely with the man who became President of J&J Global, got inspirational, fast track leadership
  • Worked with launch team of the most successful global drug launch and achieved fastest growing UK Pharma Co for 2 years
  • Joined an entrepreneur, joined 11 Boards, grew a Pharma services business to £500m sale in 13 years, lived in and ran USA business and supported Europe
  • Worked with recognised global clinical research leaders
  • Board role with Chair of 2 leading Global Investment groups
  • Board role with senior Duke and business leader
  • Chairman for Entrepreneur MBO, built and sold UK’s leading sector Logistics business
  • Worked with 3 world leading Professors of Cardiology on innovation
  • Board with leading author and global business Integration expert
  • Board with CFO, of early Internet major success story
  • Board with former MD of major sporting venue and organisation
  • Board with former Chairman of Glaxo
  • Board with leading Branding, Futurist and global Semiotics expert
  • Benefit of working with a number of leading financial experts during exits
  • Chaired Board with leading Med Tech and manufacturing experts
  • Worked and qualified with leading Neuroscience author and practitioner
  • Personal time with leading J&J Board Advisor to learn behavioural models
  • Lived in USA, built highly competent board, grew business from $3-36Mill in 3 years
  • Mentored boards in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands
  • Not forgetting those who missed the list, yet enhanced my expertise and understanding across, market research, marketing, Sales, Training, PR, Clinical, Finance and Funding, Digital, Logistics, Construction, Architects, health and beauty, manufacturing, Retail, AI, Care, Behaviour, Hypnotherapy, and the benefit of relationships with various leading Business Schools and thinkers
  • And looking forward to continuing the journey