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Is about working with Business owners, CEO’s, MD’s and Directors to create value and wealth. This can take the form of a few focussed sessions, a monthly retainer or a longer term set of projects to work through the business to generate; clear Vision and Strategy, to implement effective Operational structures and efficiencies to developing a strong and sustainable Culture. (which on its own can add over 20% to the value of the business!)

I have helped lead 2 major business exits and raised significant funds for growth, with experience as a Chairman of 6 businesses focused on growth strategy and innovation. Not every coach has this breadth. See my views on Coaching on the coaching page!


Usually included with the above or simply working with individuals to help them understand themselves and achieve their life and business goals. This ranges from a few focussed sessions to working on a monthly retainer.

I have always coached my teams to great success; the recent experience with Shirlaws gave me a better understanding of my natural style and new set of true Coaching skills to further improve my value. That was over 60 days of training over 2 years and NOT a 2 day course! Plus my qualification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner added more skills and perspectives to help.


Depending on my portfolio I enjoy a longer term role when the business, its people and products excite me and they have a real desire to excel. If I believe I can help them achieve the right goals I am eager to get involved. My USP here is I have a rare balance of having built significant businesses to exit and have been trained in coaching skills. I have had great success in building strong and effective Boards.

I have experience on the boards of 15 Companies from Corporate to start up to Liquidation.


“The essence of Excellence” this one day Open workshop looks at Behaviours and Communication utilising a mix of recognised Behavioural styles and the new thinking based on Neuroscience on how we communicate and make decisions . This is based on years of expertise in developing individuals and leading teams. The day will take participants on a journey of self-discovery (uncomfortable for some at first!) and help them recognise other styles, how to collaborate with them and the need for balance within teams. We look at how we need to better communicate to get our perspectives accepted and the processes to help people change and to understand how we make decisions. See my events page for more info. This programme is geared towards business owners, CEO’s, MD’s, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and effectively anyone who wants to learn how to excel as an individual. My overriding belief is “First build the people and they will build the business” 

This workshop will provide value to anyone who wants to know more about how they behave to get the best from themselves and others. For Directors, managers, leaders it’s really an essential requirement.


The Essence of excellence Workshop has developed to a programme of 6 Workshops, all building on the core need to understand behaviour and how it affects personal and business performance. The Workshops build on the core learning’s and focus on, Time Management, Communication, Leadership and Management, Managing conflict, Managing Customers, Problem solving. This has already proved invaluable to over 130 new and senior managers; the progression of each Workshop builds on the core and hones a new skill set, enabling significant improvements in performance and personal satisfaction.


As above designed to fit your business needs and run for your internal teams, the Workshop can be run with up to 100 participants or in smaller group’s i.e. sales teams, departments and divisions. If required we can break the Workshop into a number of shorter sessions to fit around working day needs. These custom workshops often follow participation in an Open workshop.

In house workshops can provide the foundation to Culture programmes and change programmes as they provide a common language for employees.


An event based around the “essence of excellence” programme. This can be a 1 day session (around 6 hours) or split across 2 days. The workshop is very interactive, has a great deal of humour and will have participants talking and practising the new skills for fun as well as learning. The workshop will also focus on setting goals and targets for change and collaboration i.e. team plans, client management plans and Project plans. I can customise the programme to put emphasis on various functions i.e. sales. The workshop limit has been around 100 participants and rarely less than 20.

This Event benefits from large groups as the participants experience of seeing people move around the room and migrate to type is when participants really see the magic of the learning and the potential for change. The experience will shift people into areas of discomfort, see them laugh a lot and then the lights come on as they see and experience the learning. This cannot be achieved by webinar or on line


I have been very fortunate to work with a number of highly experienced business leaders and Coaches. To that end when required I can call on their expertise to support me in most tasks, particularly Value Creation. I have contacts who bring expertise in Strategic Financial planning, Financial Operations, Tax, Funding and Fundraising, Marketing, Web and Digital, HR, Regulatory, in Pharma/ Med Devices and Care sector, Logistics, Coaching, Sales Force evaluation, Business mentors, Facilitators and more.

I am not positioning Excelat as a business with a number of partners etc. to create the impression of size. It’s me and I have access to some great people as and when required. No BS

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