"I help people to stop working stupid hours, get a balanced life and perform even better".

Are you one of the bright people I meet that has been on time management courses, yet is still working ridiculous hours, feeling you never quite get there? Do you envy that person with the clear desk? The answer most likely lies in the kind of person you are. Neuroscience gives us new clues as to how our brains control the way we manage time. This is the missing link that changes lives and performance. The day after this programme you will change your time management; some of my clients have already saved over 15 hours a week and restructured their lives and performance.

Join a practical day to learn how Behaviour drives you and the way you manage time.

  • Improve personal performance at work and go home early
  • Learn how the best Leaders manage Time. Time and Leadership go hand in hand
  • Gain a new perspective on creating value and your real role
  • Learn how to build better relationships and get more from others
  • Reduce your stress and the stress you might cause for others
  • Learn how to transfer the learning’s across your business
  • Grow yourself and your business and achieve excellence

During the day you will learn

  • How your brain can control the way you mis-manage time
  • How to recognise and understand why others do or don’t manage Time
  • How to manage your brain and better use Time
  • Why Time is about Leadership, creating value and how to measure that
  • What Neuroscience tells us about behaviour
  • Practical tips on how to manage Time and relationships
  • To understand what your real job is
  • How to kill time stealers
  • That this day was huge value

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Tuesday 26 November 2019, LONDONWednesday 11 December 2019, LONDONTuesday 7 January 2020, LONDONWednesday 22 January 2020, LONDONREADING EVENTS

Who should attend?

CEOs, Directors, Business Owners and Senior Managers.

This interactive day will challenge and unsettle some attendees until the group dynamic helps everyone find and accept their styles. This is only achieved so powerfully in a group situation.

By the end of the day you will better understand who you are, what your true role is and how to restructure your time to focus and achieve more with less stress. This is also a fun day for a reason. We will discuss Tips and practical ways in which these new skills can be used immediately.

Graham has built and run major Corporate and start up’s. His experience with behaviour and business is unusual; as a Chairman of 6 Businesses and a Coach his style is both challenging and fun.

Your investment for this time changing day will be only £250. Make the time!