Performance and Behaviour

  • My work is focussed on behaviours and performance improvement is always the measure
  • Through Neuroscience we are now learning more about how the Brain rules the way we behave and work, we need to understand this as it can be a barrier to growth
  • Successful Leaders now accept the softer skills really do drive performance
  • Some people think it’s easy , they are the often the problem
  • The whole subject of behaviour is typically made too complex to be workable
  • When people “believe” and open up to new thinking, then transformation can happen
  • I never forget the value of process and systems, essential for most people.

Perhaps it was the promotion of EQ (emotional quotient) that seems to have created a more general acceptance that the “softer skills” really do have a vital part to play in driving high performance and success. The most successful leaders have known this for years.

One of the oldest English proverbs “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” was first seen in 1175. So it’s not a new idea that people have to want to do something especially if they are to do it well.

Yet still some leaders and managers don’t feel time spent on understanding how we behave, interact and communicate has a significant effect on the business. Worse still many leaders and managers think understanding people is easy, it’s something you either can or can’t do, a natural skill. Indeed some people really are very good with other people. Most are not. Let’s not forget these skills impact your customers and that’s a huge issue. We need to redefine customer “relationships”

For those doubters I suggest they think about the years of training a Psychiatrist or Psychologist goes through to be allowed to practice and work with the human mind.

Thereby lie’s a problem. The whole issue of understanding behaviours, psychological style and types, IQ, EQ, NLP, Neuroscience has so much written about it, often conflicting, frequently highly complex and therefore in the main is pretty unworkable for most of us.

Fortunately this has been recognised and there have been many valuable and workable methodologies developed that we can all use to help our everyday interactions with others.

I believe my 35 years of experience and exposure to many outstanding trainers and thinkers, programmes/ systems and methodologies has enabled me to pull together a set of tools I can use to help most people quickly understand themselves, others and how to shift styles to get the most from people. Neuroscience is now adding a new dimension to all this and taking us a step further in understanding.

This leads to a fresh perspective on the structure of Businesses, Boards, teams, projects, departments, internal and external communications, innovating and developing people for succession, a key step in value creation.

All this leads to significant increases in performance
How do we do this?

It usually starts with one person recognising the need for either their own performance to improve or the way the business works to improve.

The Excellence Programme

The Essence of excellence Workshop has developed to a programme of 6 Workshops, all building on the core need to understand behaviour and how it affects personal and business performance. The Workshops build on the core learning’s and focus on, Time Management, Communication, Leadership and Management, Managing conflict, Managing Customers, Problem solving. This has already proved invaluable to over 130 new and senior managers; the progression of each Workshop builds on the core and hones a new skill set, enabling significant improvements in performance and personal satisfaction.

Typical sayings and signs that suggest you need my help

  • You are tired, stressed and don’t enjoy coming to work
  • You hate coming to work and wonder why you bother any more
  • You wish it was like the old days
  • You don’t understand how Fred is always so positive
  • My boss is an Arse
  • Why don’t people just work together
  • Why won’t people learn to collaborate
  • It takes forever to make decisions
  • We seem to work in silo’s
  • It’s a blame culture
  • People don’t seem to recognise all the good things we do
  • The teams are not delivering, except for Fred’s team
  • The salesforce are not delivering, they are rubbish
  • We are losing lots of staff and can’t attract the right people
  • I feel like I’m the only one who really cares anymore
  • We’re good but we still make mistakes
  • We really don’t communicate
  • I don’t know how we shift to the next level of performance
  • All we do is waste time on meetings
  • I recognise the problems but nobody listens to me

In successful businesses there are still challenges, I hear…

  • How do we get to the next level
  • Can we ask people to do any more
  • It’s risky to change a winning formula
  • If we change will we lose momentum
  • We don’t capture enough new ideas
  • We will lose people if we can’t promote them
  • How do we attract new people to challenge us
  • New people take too long to get up to speed
  • How can we get more from our existing resources
  • I won’t dilute to raise cash
  • I’m not sure we know where we are going anymore

As you might imagine these are only a few typical questions and statements that need to be addressed. I never really know what’s going on until we talk about you and your business.

All of the above can be addressed in the way the people and the business behaves, what are its attitudes, what is the glue holding it all together?

I can help you fix this

Solutions vary and are based around:

  • One to one Coaching with Owners CEO’s and Leaders within the business
  • Agreeing a programme to meet the goals for change, either a personal programme or one geared towards business transformation
  • The “essence of excellence” workshop is a great starting place
  • Roll out a series of workshops/ seminars/ training sessions to inspire the transformation