You should always look for testimonials so here’s what people say about me and the Workshop (also see Linkedin)

Over the years I have worked with attendees from Brazil, Germany, France, South Africa, Argentina, USA, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Chile, Canada, Russia, Estonia as well as the UK. So the principles and learnings of my approach are relevant across cultures.

Some personal comments...

Operations Supervisor 2016

If you ever get the opportunity to meet or better still work with Graham, grab it with both hands. Cancel, reschedule do whatever you need to do.

1st Assistant Director Self Employed

When attending Graham's Essence of Excellence course, I was somewhat sceptical... He said he would would change the way I think about people, their behaviour and situations. Well Graham, you have well and truly proven me wrong. I'm now looking at people I interact with and meet with in a completely different light. Graham certainly knows his subject and is fantastic at imparting his knowledge.

Visionary SHEQ Specialist 2016

Graham provided a series of business coaching workshops for the management teams within Medequip. Graham is a credible, engaging and straight talking presenter with the ability to focus group workshop discussions into clear aims and objectives to improve individual and organisational performance. Feedback for both the workshops and mentoring sessions has been excellent.

Western Region General Manager 2016

Hi Graham, Thank you for your recent training courses and our one to one sessions also. I found the training extremely useful and am still applying some of the techniques in my day to day working schedule. I have attended similar courses with different presenters before , however they did not engage with the audience as well as you did. You brought each session to life, and you could see changes in people’s confidence as we progressed through the training. I would fully recommend this training course as it gives you the tools and skills to look beyond the day to day, and question why people behave the way they do and also how to approach and handle different personality types. I found it an extremely useful course , thank you.

Cyber Security, Software Group at IBM

Working with Graham was during a time that I was leaving the Army and was looking for advice on how to find work in the commercial world. Graham was very generous with his time and expertise in helping me to draft a CV. His greatest advice was about the British Disease, which is about the British being too shy in their achievements. This advice caused me to completely re-write my CV and re-appraise my approach to finding work. I am now in full-time employment with IBM and in large part this success is down to Graham's generous and wise advice. I very much hope to work again with him in the future.

Sales Director

Graham has a huge wealth of experience and more importantly can not only make this relevant to others but can use his knowledge to share his learnings in a manner which is a positive hands-on learning experience.

A true gentleman,who has achieved tremendous success through practical common sense and savvy business acumen.

Finance Director

A skilled negotiator, communicator and motivator, Graham has a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm and drive (which is highly infectious). His determination to succeed is a huge asset to a company and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Senior Director Supply Chain & Operations International

Graham is an insightful challenging leader. His interest in the detail behind a business proposition is as obvious as his passion for business in general. An inspiring leader he commands respect not only through his previous experience but also from his ability to identify potential business opportunities. I have huge volumes of respect for him and would gladly recommend him for any leadership role where 'Status Quo' was not present in the corporate strategy

Operations Director

Graham was my Chairman at Healthcare Logistics and after spending a few minutes with him you would be buzzing with ideas. Graham's ability to challenge, apply fresh thinking to a scenario, promote team working and prioritise the customer was highly motivational.

The following are from an international Workshop held in November 2014

  • Good balance between serious discussions and relaxing/fun activities
  • Good flexibility of the trainers to adapt training to the needs scripts returned
  • Great learnings which will open to reflection
  • Great opportunity to understand human behaviour and to learn ways to work with different personality types
  • Great team work and commitment during these 2 days
  • I believe it was a great session and I do not have anything else to add. Thank you! looking forward for a news meeting with you soon
  • It was fun
  • Open discussion
  • Provided a forum for the team to have real and honest discussions about goals and how to achieve them
  • Really comfortable setting Really interactive, all persons including shy persons having a chance to contribute
  • Safe environment created
  • Team sharing activities and driving us to step back and learning on how we could do it differently
  • Thank you for this experience
  • The "real-ness" and humour
  • The acknowledgement of the impact on behaviour and interpersonal styles on communication
  • The informality that difficult and critical matters were treated
  • The opportunity for the leaders to communicate the visions
  • Very interactive session
  • Was very interactive; tried to be as practical as possible and having the messages taking home with us and really getting practiced. I liked it a lot and cannot think of any change
  • Well structured
  • I wouldn't change anything